Founded in 1987, Azalea set the area’s standards for fine typesetting and PostScript imagesetting at the beginning of the digital print revolution. In 1993, we expanded our services to include creative and graphic design as well as print management. Azalea’s creative abilities have grown to position our business as a frontrunner in “agency quality” support and production without a retainer requirement. Our services have continued to expand to include Web design and Internet-based promotional assistance, including social media graphics and mobile app icons.

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The first step to any project is to collect the details about it. Whether via in-person meeting, by phone or email, we will need to chat with you and get info such as: the type of project, target audience, visual style, text content, and your timeframe and/or budget.


Once we know what it is you’re looking for, then it’s off to the races! With your info in-hand, we start developing rough ideas that we fine-tune over the course of the project based on feedback we receive. Collaborate directly with your project’s designer!


The last phase of your project consists of final tweaks and file preparation/delivery. We first make any last-minute revisions that you may have and then we prepare and send final files to wherever they need to go (usually done electronically, via either email or FTP upload).

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